The BreakBeat Poet Anthology


BreakBeat Anthology, poems produced “by and for the Hip-Hop generation”, came out in 2015. It has over 70 contributors and the volume has a lot of variety in terms of form (not to mention age and race of the contributors).

Of the poets I wanted to highlight here, 4 of 5 I found at Poetry Magazine, featured in their April 2015 issue. It turns out that issue was dedicated to this anthology.

The fifth piece, by poet, Tony Medina, I couldn’t find online, so you’ll need to get the book for that one.

Jamila’s poem, Daddy Dozens, is an ingeniously funny mocking love song to her dad while at the same time finding a way to be emotionally sly. Jamila Woods at Poetry Magazine.

This is a lyrical ode to the DJ craft. Joel Dias-Porter at Poetry Magazine.

Danez Smith is mega-talented, as shown at the poem I linked to here, which I think is significantly stronger than the light piece included in the anthology. You can both read and hear Smith read his (excerpted) poem here: Danez Smith at Poetry Magazine. And in 2016 the poem was discussed on a podcast, which is linked here: Podcast on Danez Smith.

Now this poem by Ms. Franklin also is an incredible laurel on her brow, she calls it a manifesto and ars poetica, but it is concise, dense with the rich invention of African American culture, so that almost no one else, like Bop, can really “go there”. Krista Franklin at Poetry Magazine.