Asher Radunsky

Student of Scriptures, Author, Street Witness


Asher is a born-again Christian (2005) from a Jewish family. He has attended St. John’s College where he studied the Great Books, and Hendrix College, where he took philosophy.

He has experience as a caregiver for the elderly, but is currently serving as an evangelist in the Dallas area. He splits his time between study (scriptures and Biblical Hebrew) and street witness, particularly to the homeless, and night-life districts.


Asher has written 10 volumes of poetry, under the pen name Asher Blake. These include Evergreens Have Never Died, and Winner in the White Dress.

Recently, he has completed a devotional commentary on the Psalms.

Some of these volumes are available to order upon request by email.


Reach out to me anytime by email at asherone23@gmail.com