Street Evangelism Report: Part One

I thank God for the powerful way He is working to shower us with love and reach out to all souls, bringing them the Word of repentance and eternal life. His passion is for that lost soul wandering in darkness, because the 99 are already secure. And He is calling us in an abundance of gentleness, saying, “the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out.” (John 6:37 NKJ)

As you read this report I would love if you could lend prayers to the vulnerable and the slave of sin, and to the backslider, and all who need His practical rescue from vice, and His redemption for eternal life. Please if you read through to the end, please pray mightily and in faith, for all His power and love and mercy to be shed in our communities and around the world.

Last Monday, though it’s not a very busy party night, I went to Downtown Dallas, to a bar district called Deep Ellum, to feel things out before going down to fully do street witness. A homeless man told me there have been “gangs” of preachers there on microphones, who set up every weekend. And a young woman told me that there are opposing camps, with the preachers being opposed by another group who dedicated themselves to shouting over them and protesting with an anti-religious message. So I was very curious about this and looked forward to talking with these preachers.

I ordered some tracts which received by mail, and got rolls of quarters, to bring one with me every time I go out, because it is good to have something to share with people in need. I also ordered free “Living Water” books of the Gospel of John, though I still haven’t received those.

After praying and surrendering to the Lord to walk with dedication in His will even no matter what I faced, I set out Saturday night by public transit. As soon as I got to the train station I saw a young man and as we began talking the Lord really moved to save his life and show him practical love. It turned out he was homeless and laboring with a meth and heroin addiction and was at the end of his rope. As he told me about his inability to live, even cope as well as other addicts, I told him about how my own desperate darkness in addiction and what the Lord did for me, and how He rescued me from every desire and craving. He cried and was willing to talk and get things off his chest.

He talked about how he had tried Christ and it hadn’t stuck and we paid attention to this, and it turned out he had doubts about the Lord and didn’t fully trust the Word. Justin and I talked a long time and he said he was going to take the bus to the area around where I live because I told him it was a very safe neighborhood. In the end, we prayed Christ’s power over his drug addiction, bringing His power to bear on that devil, because he and I can either use drugs, or have the opportunity to do anything else of value God has for us, but we can’t do both.

Justin told me he is going to re-engage with the Bible, keep praying and seeking the Truth of the Lord, and we both recognized that the Ethiopian eunuch could get baptized right away provided he believe with his whole heart. Justin got up and left with a restored spirit, joy on his face, and we told each other we would hopefully see each other soon in our neighborhood.

I was amazed that God had already even before beginning, started to do everything I had hoped for. I had never had that much success in evangelism on any occasion.

On the train platform I started to hand out tracts, telling people that Jesus loves them and to be blessed. One young man told me he felt I had been sent to him because I handed out a tract that said, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest,” and he said he needed rest. (Matthew 11:28 NKJ) I started to share the word with him, seeing he was really suffering.

Then immediately, a young man who was also black, began speaking over me, denying Jesus’ gentleness and tenderness and saying that was a lie of the white man. And said something to the effect of Jesus being a gangster and violent, who whipped the people in the Temple, and he kept inciting this man against Christianity as a white man’s lie, and the man was listening to him and agreeing with him.

I answered that the Bible wasn’t written by white people, but Middle Easterners, and that I could agree that Jesus is a Man of War, who would kill many people who lived in rebellion when He returns. And that gave them pause and I tried to go on about His kindness and love, but the man cut me off with hostility, and then the train arrived, as the man refused to continue to engage.

And on the train I felt the power of God and I felt the force of the enemy also. I moved seats and when I did, another man I had offered a tract to cursed me and told me not to sit at all near him, and he cursed Christ and Christianity as homosexual and threatened to beat me right on the train. I knew he meant what he said and a bit saddened, took the course of action to leave him be and move farther on. And I sat down in the part of the train where the young man was who had minutes ago talked about Jesus the gangster.

He was up pacing the train and filled with anger. I felt a prompting to say some kind word of blessing to him, but it didn’t seem the right time and just sat there. He began arguing with his girlfriend and it reached the point of both of them shouting in rage at each other as he paced by me. Then the man who thought Christ was gay told the man who thought Christ was a gangster that he thought I was scum, and they agreed and the shirtless man pacing the train said I was following him. He came up and stood over me, so I looked at him and calmly told him I wasn’t mad at him. For a second he smiled at me in what seemed like love. And his argument with his girlfriend got worse.

I realized that if he began hitting her, though I might wish to be avoidant, it would be my duty to step in and get beaten on the train, as they had threatened. The threat and spirit of Satan stopped just short of that, and I got off the train safely downtown. Praise God.

Deep Ellum was jam packed with I guess thousands of people. I handed out tracts and told people that Jesus loved them and blessed them in God. Most of the people I actually had conversations with were homeless.

As I ran out of tracts early, I thought about changing my plans and taking the last train home, instead of staying out till the morning trains. By God’s design I missed the last train, and that was the best part.

As I walked through the quiet business district of downtown, I met a homeless man who asked me for a coffee, and as we talked he told me about all his struggles as a homeless person, and how he felt like the Invisible Man from the novel. I asked him questions and we talked about the injustice and difficulty of his situation, and how he coped.

He was an older man who is a college graduate, who had moved to Dallas for a job soon lost because of COVID. That whole day he spent cleaning porta potties and he gets no rest because he has to stand in line before dawn and hustle all day on foot, working and often unable to find a place to lay his head. He told me people literally step over him because he is homeless and is especially dismissed because he is black.

It is literally illegal for him to be given food or sleep in a park.

When he told me his parents are teachers and still alive, I cheered up and asked him why he doesn’t just take a greyhound home and live with them. So he told me it was a big issue, and he told me he was gay, and that his Christian parents were ashamed of him, and that he hadn’t even been able to tell them he was homeless. Soon he revealed that He was in the Lord, and regularly prayed and still has faith. I praised God for this with joy, and the whole conversation changed.

For an hour we walked back and forth, avoiding the sprinkling rain, and the loud classical music meant to keep loiterers from standing by the convenience store. He let me know honestly that he still gets with men sometimes, and I let him know about Christ’s clear instruction through Paul that this is a deal breaker for entering the Kingdom of God. I also told him that I as a single man am in much the same situation and have no right to sleep with any woman, lest I also, not repenting, lose my salvation.

“Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral [fornicators], nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” (1 Corinthians 6:9,10 ESV)

We talked about how that verse refers to men engaging in the behavior of homosexual sodomy. He did not deny the word, but affirmed it, and accepted it as God’s truth, and that it was sin. He also talked about the temptations he faced, and the problems caused for him by homosexual churches who say the plain meaning of scriptures is something else. And we talked about the real sacrifice of forsaking the meaning and beauty of being romantically and physically involved with people. He told me he felt sexual temptation, and I encouraged him with the fact that even assuming that is sin, God’s whole emphasis is on drawing the line at the behavior, and that God says, “and such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.” (1 Corinthians 6:11 ESV)

I affirmed this man because like Jesus who refused to sin despite suffering all the pain and wrath of God, but remained true to His infinite goodness, and kindness, he too refused the counsel of those who told him his sin was beautiful. I told him that by loving Jesus, and loving the Truth, to the extent that he affirmed the whole Word, and took his stand on the Bible to be saved, he had overcome the world. And I told him about how God worked to save me from my sexual sin as I agreed with Him to surrender my members as instruments of righteousness. I also told him it was just as Paul said, and that he was unleavened, and that he just needed to walk it out.

It is impossible for me to express the dearness and relief and inspiration we felt when we were talking and arriving at our freedom and destination. It was almost like being in Heaven, speaking with a brother there about the power and glory and goodness of God, who we both admitted was the only man who could work righteousness and rescue and strength in us. But there reached a point when he saw through all his dilemma and affirmed with joy that he knew now he was going to make it through all this, his homelessness, and his temptation to homosexual behavior, and he really had a whole new Spirit right before my eyes. Praise God! He told me he was going to call his father.

As we departed I gave him my email address and we agreed we would talk soon. Please pray for him.

Many times the most receptive people to God’s word not only are poor, but even the homeless, who know Jesus, and love prayer.

It was 3 AM, I walked back into Deep Ellum and spent the rest of the night until the trains picked up again studying at a cafe. I thank God with joy for the love of God He shows by everything He is doing for us because I know He is working in love and mercy.

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