Devotional #2

Jesus dying gruesomely on the cross is the meaning of God’s heartbreak, His feeling for the loss of His children. What died was eternal, perfect, and divine. After all, Jesus is infinite and divine Life, and Love, Truth, Joy, Peace, Power, Wisdom. Truth died! Love died! Wisdom died! If any of Him had remained alive He could not have ransomed us because the death of God was given in exchange for the lives of men.

How is that a trade that God would accept as meaningful? Because it is a conditional proposition granted to all men – that we are saved if we accept – if we accept the nature of God’s holy redeeming feelings and nature which were pre-existent. In other words it is the same terms that there had been, the same eternal terms which are the only ones there can be for sinners, and we are all sinners: that we must repent.

Jesus’ death is (the image of) the eternal heartbreak of God over losing His children. He will not spare His own Son, but slay Him, slay His Son, to demonstrate to us the depth of His concern for us. His Son is sacred to Him and so is His love for us. Our sin and estrangement had eaten God up and He didn’t want to lose all of us. Our loving God, from the beginning, sought reconciliation with the sons of Adam and hovered over us as a mother hen, but we would not.

That bloody face lifted up, where Truth died, is the pain God shows us on account of how we are astray from Him. Have you ever lost someone or been separated and been in love, and it doesn’t mean a thing, until they are back in your arms? You have to hold them! To repent and have faith in Jesus is to have God, not just know God exists.

Let me probe you where the Doctor is probing you. Is your heart hard and stony today? Do you fear God? – and by all rights you should. Do you convict yourself if you try to live in luxury while countless sick and poor languish? All God is saying is repent! Repent! Repent! This is my image, my face, my embodiment! I slay my child to show you that you are my children. Because I could only love my children this much – that it kills. Be my children and you will be adopted and always be my children. But if you look at my face and it means nothing to you, and you cannot see my glory, if you are too dead to see even dead glory, or if you hate me – may it never be – then you know nothing of my being and my soul. You don’t know who your Creator is and why He delights in righteousness and why His expectations are just – nor do you realize how merciful the Savior my dear sweet Son is. And those who reject me eternally in my love- my love gift- my love sacrifice- are lost and are not found and go to Hell.

I used to think Christianity was totally foolish. But it’s not. It’s the Truth. Jesus lived a perfect life. Read about it in the New Testament. This is my testimony meant for your well being not stumbling.

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