Asher Blake’s Former Alchemies


Here is a new piece: Former Alchemies. Though imo trigger warnings are generally condescending and absurd, and moreover are primarily used to constrain customary freedom, here I must let people know, this piece can be disturbing if you are afraid of Hell, and I know that fear can be a fierce one. In my defense, I am working through some old personal material and this poem emerged, as a necessary handle on the old horror. If you don’t want to tread those grounds, don’t worry it’s just a little piece in the spirit of Hieronymous Bosch.

I won’t miss the opportunity to say that art does not save souls, and brings but limited comfort. My raw fear of Hell, and suffering conscience, were cured by Christ when I took faith in sincere repentance and love of the Lord. I found these through prayer and study of the New Testament. We have responsibilities we cannot always fully articulate, but absolution and love is found for certain in Christ the Lord.

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