Asher Blake’s This One Friend


This One Friend

The problem,
– he said –
with the knot… is all the folds…it’s all folded up…
into itself…upon itself…it can’t be answered.

None of these questions…It’s confounded by folds.

Pull them apart…unwrap them like little gifts…
now once you’ve got it all unfolded, stretch out the ends,
one opposite the other. Put the ends
away from each other,
far away.

He asked:

do you know the 72 centimeters of facial destruction?

– No. –

About someone’s face in Chinese Medicine?

I told him my face was the punching bag
of a thousand folded wings and
that I always give the best lines to myself
but that when I win this weekend,
I will get him all hooked up.

He said:

You should really meet Tonya.
She could tell your parents didn’t love you
and you ate hot soup in the rain.
She could tell all that
because your hair was mussed
fingers shaking
to sign up
for the experiment.

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